Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Roundup

I've had a pretty busy weekend so far and it's finally settling down enough so I can post tonight.

Friday I had to drive to Woodburn to drop my daughter off with her Grandma and Aunt. She spend the weekend at the coast with them. Friday evening I just sat around and enjoyed the quiet. It was my Birthday and all in all it was quiet but very nice.

Saturday I went and bought yet more books lol. We then headed up to Molalla to attend a PBR function. They wouldn't let me bring my camera in this year which was totally stupid considering how many camera's made it through security. Mine's just too big to tuck away in my purse. Dunno why they had that rule this year considering most phone all have cameras on them and video recording capabilities. The example shown in the picture above. Least I was polite and only took a picture in between rounds. Oh well we all had a great time and there were only a few injuries.

Sunday I went on my normal walk and then headed over to my friends house to play video games for a bit. Didn't get to stay for too long as I had to go pick my daughter up.

Now I am Traegering a pork roast for dinner and doing laundry and catching up on all the blogs I read these days.

There are so many great blogs out there. I've noticed some upset going around targeting adults who read and review YA fiction. This is upsetting to see some great bloggers getting attacked by folks who are too afraid to post using their name and stay anon. Doesn't put much weight behind what they are saying and is just plain immature. Considering the majority of YA fiction is written by full grown adults, their argument is just ridiculous. Really sad, jealousy can be such a destructive emotion.

Anyhow back to happier thoughts. I hope everyone had a great, relaxing weekend and good vibes for a good week ahead!


vvb32 reads said...

so sad to hear about the upset about older YA bloggers, as i'm in that category. i haven't come across it yet. thanks, i learned something new. i had to look up Traegering as i hadn't heard of it before. neat-o.