Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st Post

So for the last month I have been keeping a handwritten journal of things going on in my daily life. I have been surprised to see myself keeping up with it. I find that I am enjoying writing my thoughts down, even if most of them are random and make no real sense to anyone but me. I've also been writing mostly silly and stupid haiku poems at times.

Anyhow now for the reason for this new blog. I mostly want to keep the blogs I follow in one easy spot and occasionally post blogs that I don't mind people reading. I doubt I will post often. I'm such a private and inverted person, that there isn't a whole lot I share freely with the world.
I might even post thoughts about books I'm currently reading or have read. Reading is one of my life's passions. So much so that a bookstore can calm my nerves when I find myself wound up tight. Here lately that has been a lot.

Work has been driving me nuts for months and I keep hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Truth is I'm just grateful to have a job, even if I get taken advantage of constantly. The sad thing is my bosses are so self involved they don't even notice it when they do it. Some days I feel just like the office doormat. But that blog is really for another day. Back on target now.

So since my daily notes are going so well, we shall see if I keep this up too...