Thursday, August 6, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

What’s the most serious book you’ve read recently?

I guess that all depends on what you mean by serious. I've read quite a few books in recent times that dealt with serious subject matter of one kind or another.

I just finished Love You, Hate You, Miss You by Elizabeth Scott and it dealt with teenage drug and alcohol use, death, grief, etc.

I've also read a couple books on Polygamy and historical books on the Salem Witch Trials. Also WWII and concentration camps, human trafficking and prostitution.

All these are serious subject matters but all of them were books of fiction. Fiction is as serious as I have gotten in the last several months. It's what I enjoy reading the most.


Lisa said...

I recently read The Heretic's Daughter which was about the Salem witch trials. Very disturbing what those women went through. But that wasn't my most serious.

kaye said...

that is serious fiction-- I’m booking thru Thursday here

Susan B. Evans said...

I just finished Margaret George's Helen of Troy, and it was seriously good! Here's my response.