Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Roundup

So this weekend has been pretty eventful. My honey worked on one of his days off so he got Friday off this week. We thought perfect time to go camping and off we went. We had a nice quiet evening up at camp. I actually got some reading done, which is nice for a change. We got to see a deer right by our camp. Quite literally on accident we were walking up to the restrooms at night and we startled it, it crashed through the bushes which in turn startled us. She was so pretty even in the scary darkness lol.

Saturday we woke early and made a big breakfast of sausage, potatoes and eggs. We then took off for a walk and so I could take some pictures. I love snapping nature pictures. So we had been out for 40 min or so and went to go up a trail that went up the side of a hill and the next thing you know, my daughter starts screaming and crying and I see these black things. My heart stopped. She came running down and she had 2 or 3 bees just attacking her. My son came back down and they started on him too. Apparently they walked over a bees nest who were very aggressive. All in all she got stung 5 times, my son got stung 2 times and I got stung once between my eyes. My honey is the calm one of the bunch and he didn't get stung once. On a good note I now know I am not allergic to bees. I already knew my kids weren't so something good did come out of it. Only real bad thing is my daughter is now full on paranoid and I expect we'll be dealing with it for a couple years to come. We stayed at camp tho and spent the afternoon swimming before we packed up and headed home.

We went to a friends to hang out and watch a movie with them for a couple hours after we got home and had a nice time.

Today I went on my Sunday walk with friends and now going to spend some time with them this afternoon and after that who knows...

My July book wrap up was pretty good for me I finished 7 books total. Usually I get 2 maybe 3 done so I think hanging out on all the book blogs I do has been good for me. I am starting to make an ever slow dent in my TBR pile and I say slow because half of what I read came off of book blogs and were new to my pile.