Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Roundup

We took off Saturday for a 3 day camping trip for the holiday weekend. We had a fantastic time. It was beautiful and sunny the entire weekend, which for Oregon is a rare event, especially for a holiday weekend.

We had some great time with friends Saturday night and got our drink on. A good time was had by all.

Sunday we attended our first fish fry at our campground. That was a lot of fun also. I don't eat fish but I tried some and one of them was really good. Only problem I had was most folks were pretty toasty and no one was actually sure of what kind of fish it was. So for the first time, I found fish that I liked and yet have no clue what it was. Outside of fried fish there was a ton of food and campers alike. I think they do this at the beginning and end of the camping season. So I'm looking forward to the next one we are invited too.

After the fish fry we all walked up to the river so a couple of our friends could get crazy and go tubing in the freezing ass water. Once they got down there, neither wanted to really do it, but neither would back down, so off they went. We followed along the banks and they ended up going a pretty good distance before getting out. It was crazy, but they had a lot of fun. Was good times!

Becca really likes it up there. She can take off and play at the playground, or basketball courts, or the pool room with various pool tables and etc. She has a blast. Andy mostly hangs out with us, he doesn't tend to go off on his own too much.

We got up bright and early to come home today so we could wash up and clean clothes etc before our work week starts back up tomorrow. I'm thinking we'll be going up there again in a couple weekends from now. Camp is easily becoming my home away from home and once I leave, I can't wait to get back there. Course we left stuff up there, it's a good thing our friends were still there, they said they'd stop in and grab the bag we left behind thank goodness or we would have been driving back up there this afternoon.