Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Am Exhausted.

Today we went up to camp and set up the majority of our campsite. We built a 10X20 foot canopy where our tent trailer will live for the next 5 to 6 months. Then we cleared moss from the ground and made a makeshift border of our site with it. There was so damn much of it. My back is killing me from all that we did. We set up our oldest child's tent. Then our friends came up and helped set up the tarp that resides over the fire pit that we moved over from another spot after we got the tarp up. Needless to say we worked our asses off today for a good 6 hours and are home now exhausted.

Now we are waiting patiently for the darn pizza guy to get here with our food. Too tired to cook or do much else tonight. Ah a quick 20 min break while I ate my food.

I found out today I won a copy of Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch from a contest at Savy Verse & Wit. I'm so excited. It is the first time I've won a book giveaway. I can't wait until it gets here so I can read it!

In the past week or two I've found a wonderful world of book review blogs I never knew existed. There are so many books that sound so good to read. I know where to go now if I need something new to read and can't decide what sounds good.

It would be cool if I did reviews but I'm not too terribly good at that kind of thing. I'm just good at reading the books. Trying to describe what I liked or dislike about a book without giving away too much of it, is too hard for me to do. So for now I'll just read the reviews and enter giveaways from all the wonderful sites I've ran across recently.

Well it has been a long day I'm off to watch this weekends PBR even on TV.


Jess said...

I am receiving a copy of Girls in Trucks as well. Let me know if you would like me to link your review to mine when we are both finished.