Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Well this has been a busy eventful weekend to say the least.

On Friday as my honey was going to work, some teenager rear ended him and pretty much upset the entire evening. He had to miss work, I dealt with insurance people, trip to the doctors, trip to Walgreen's to get prescriptions. He's mostly okay. His back is bothering him. We're crossing our fingers and hoping it's only minor and will be okay in a few days. Tomorrow we gotta drive it to an auto body shop to get looked at and an estimate done. The insurance people said they'd be out to inspect by Thursday of this upcoming week. Which of course is right before we go camping for Memorial Day weekend.

I also let my youngest get her hair chopped off on Friday. We got about 7 inches cut and it now sits about an inch above her shoulders. She is very excited and happy about it. It actually looks a lot cuter than I thought it would and I told her she could streak some bright color temporary dye in a couple spot just for fun. Man is she excited about that!

Saturday we took our tent trailer to our camp spot. I have never pulled anything so it was a nerve wracking day for me. We had to borrow my mom's vehicle to tow it up there since our truck doesn't have a hitch yet and is waiting to be inspected on Monday by an auto body shop. The tarp our friend so graciously fixed the last time was down yet again. We did get what we wanted, where we wanted it with only a few minor adjustments. We got to get some concrete blocks up there next weekend for our canopy covering out tent trailer. All in all yesterday wasn't too bad. We spent the night and came home first thing this morning since my honey had to work.

Now on to today's lovely events. We got home and one of our birds was on the cage floor not moving but still breathing. The birds either fought and Fred got hurt bad or he's sick. Either way not much we can do for her. We moved her to a little cage by herself and now it's just a waiting game. We're both pretty sure she will die but she's stubborn so who knows.

Went on my usual Sunday walk but it just wasn't as enjoyable and normal since I'm worried about Fred. Since my honey has my car today, Andy and I walked up to the store to get some stuff that was on sale today.

Now I'm just trying to relax, catch up on stuff I missed the last couple days, and do laundry. I think at some point I should eat too. I'm not sure I have eaten today, just snacked on a few cookies earlier. Hmm think I will go get something to eat...