Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Wow talk about a busy weekend.

On Saturday we had to go up to Beaverton to have a family BBQ for Mother's Day. A day early since my honey works today. His brother and family were down from northern Washington. A pretty good, enjoyable afternoon. We got real lucky too, his mom mentioned she needed a dump trip soon. I asked her what she needed dumped and she said she had an old propane BBQ that she hadn't used in 2 years with the tank. I was like heck ya, we need one of those for camp. She saved us over $100, and all we got to do it clean it up. That is my honey's project on his day off this week. I want to be able to get it up to camp this weekend.

Our friends went up to camp this past Saturday and being the awesome people they are, they fixed our tarp and put up better rope. I was so pleasantly surprised and thankful they did that. Took a bit of weight off my shoulders for next weekend.

We were without kids on Saturday so my honey and I had a date night to the movies. We saw Wolverine. I thought it was good. Of course I don't know any of the storyline really so I have no idea if it followed the storyline at all. We then went to a friends house for an hour or so to chat it up by the fire pit before calling it a night.

Sunday I got up and picked up one child from his sleepover and then came home to get ready to go on our weekly walk with friends. My honey called and said hey I got a few hours off, I'll meet you there. A rare treat. So our little group headed out for a mild 2 mile or so walk through the park along the river. Mark had some time so we all then went out for a quick bite before going our separate ways.

I came home and mowed the front lawn and have been cleaning gunk off the tent trailer all afternoon. I finally had time to journal and blog and start to do a Mothers Day relax time lol. I think the rest of the evening I am just gonna hang out and clean off my DVR and wait for my children to make my breakfast for dinner.