Friday, May 1, 2009

New Campsite

So last week we were lucky enough to get our own campsite for the season. Unfortunately the campground had it's worst storm in over 50 years this past winter. Our site is pretty messy and had a lot of undergrowth that we need to clear. We went up Wednesday for an hour or so to start clearing the spot where our tent trailer will spend it's time for the next 5 months.

To the left is what we cleared of moss and such on Wednesday. The picture is showing one side of our site. The site is actually really good sized and with two different driveway paths. There are rest rooms right across the road, which is a big plus to have. No hiking halfway across the huge campground to find one. All in all we are very happy with what we got and once we get it cleaned and cleared I'll be even happier.

We are supposed to go up on Saturday to get rid of the moss we cleared and put up the canopy we bought to cover the tent trailer and last but not least, move the fire pit to another location. After that, there is still a ton of clean up that needs to be done but at least we can start camping and clean as we go this season. I'm hoping to take our first camping trip in two weeks. We can't next weekend. We have a family BBQ for Mother's Day on Saturday. But the weekend after that, weather provided, we will try and get up there for the night.

We have friends up there that have their own site also. It's how we got on the waiting list and got our site so fast. They hosted us all last summer and we had the best time. I am looking forward to another season of summer fun with them.