Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Roundup

There has not been a whole lot going on in my neck of the woods lately. The last couple of weeks have been spent with me looking for new work. It's been interesting so far. I haven't been out in the market in over 15 years and a lot has changed. Most of what I'm applying for is done online and it's a hurry up and wait game. Not so easy for a personality like mine. So in the meantime I am sprucing up on my Microsoft Office skills and trying not to go stir crazy sitting around the house.

It's making it hard for me to settle in and read. I really wish it had the opposite effect and I could get some reading done. Audiobooks have been the only real source of books that I am finding easy to read or listen as the case may be.

The kids are both out of school and from the sound of it. both of them got another round of excellent grades. Doing good in school is one thing I stress as a parent and I seem to have hit a lucky spot with my kids *knock on wood* lol.

It's kind of scary, my son will be a senior next year and my baby will be in 7th grade. Where did all the time go? It goes by so fast, almost in a blink of an eye.

Anyways enough rambling. I hope everyone had a good week and here are some good thoughts for a great week ahead. As for me I'm going to try and get some reading done while I can.


Irene said...

I haven't read all week, either, correction I started on Mansfield Park, and decided I need to do a graph of who's who. I'm not liking it so far. But in fairness I will continue maybe at the end of the week while I'm waiting for laundry tor wash/dry. Good Luck with your job hunt, and great news about your kids. Life is O.K. sometimes.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh, good luck with the job search. :) I remember a few short years ago I was one the look out for work, and couldn't believe the way things have changed. I did find work quickly, but still was surprised. So, best of luck to you.

I know about the kids. My baby is going into 6th grade. And I can't believe it. He got his report card the other day and did a wonderful job. We are happy for him. :)

Glad to hear the kids did well with school. Hope they enjoy their summer. :)