Friday, August 20, 2010

One Season of Sunshine - A Review

One Season of Sunshine - Julia London (publisher)

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: June 2010
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback, 416pp
  • Sales Rank: 25,819


Should some questions be left unanswered?

Adopted as an infant, Jane Aaron longs to know the identity of her birth mother and why she gave her up. Her only clue is the name of the small Texas town where she was born, so she’s come to Cedar Springs for answers.

Handsome ad executive Asher Price lost his wife, the beautiful, mysterious Susanna, in a terrible car crash eighteen months ago. When he hires Jane as the nanny for his two children, sparks fly. Jane finds herself falling in love with both Asher and his children, but begins to suspect that Susanna was not the perfect mother and wife the family portrays her to have been.

As Jane gets closer and closer to finding out the truth about both her own and Susanna’s past, devastating secrets begin to emerge that may be more than anyone can bear. Will the truth bring Jane and Asher closer together or tear them apart forever?

My Thoughts:

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy this one or not, but I was drawn into Jane's story almost immediately.

Jane is adopted and quite unsure of herself. She feels she needed to find her birth family even though she had a wonderful, supportive adoptive one. She wants to know where she comes from and she doesn't think she can move forward with her life until she finds out. She seems stuck. I can understand this.

Enter Asher and his two lonely, troubled children. They lost their mother 2 years ago and are in desperate need for attention and Jane becomes their nanny to earn a living while looking for her birth parents. I adored the children, even Riley and her preteen blues. My heart ached for their loss and it ached for Asher as well, who is trying very hard to take care of his kids and his struggling business. No fun for anyone involved. Even though I thought Asher spent too much time at work, it was very apparent that he loved his kids. Made it hard to not like him.

I found the book to be a heartwarming read. I found it easy to get wrapped up in the story and had it finished in a couple days of reading. I would certainly pick up another one of Julia's books to read in the future. I think she is a fine storyteller.

Author's Website: Julia London


Irene said...

thanks for your thoughts.

jewelknits said...

I have to say, I read and reviewed this book and also enjoyed it. I loved how as you got to the end, you were guessing about things like the identity of her mother. That made the book for me!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries