Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Adoration of Jenna Fox - A Review

The Adoration of Jenna Fox - Mary E. Pearson Narrated by Jenna Lamia (library)

Description: (via Borders)

Seventeen-year-old Jenna Fox has just awoken from a year-long coma'so she's been told'and she is still recovering from the terrible accident that caused it. But what happened before that? She's been given home movies chronicling her entire life, which spark memories to surface. But are the memories really hers? And why won't anyone in her family talk about the accident? Jenna is becoming more curious. But she is also afraid of what she might find out if she ever gets up the courage to ask her questions. What happened to Jenna Fox? And who is she really?

My Thoughts:

This book caught my attention right from the start. I was easily drawn into Jenna's world. Trying to see the world through her, I'd go so far as to say, newborn eyes. Always wondering what her parents were hiding, why her grandma appeared to despise her so much, the ethics involved in this story. So many questions helped create a wonderful book.

The book does make you wonder, How far as a parent would you go to save your child's life? If the technology was available, how far would you go? Would you go as far as the law allowed or would you go further if you could? So many questions the book make you ponder. I would definitely recommend this book.


Anonymous said...

Loved this book! It really does grab your attention right from the very beginning. :)

fredamans said...

Great review!

Adding to my list!

Robby said...

Can't wait to read it!