Friday, May 7, 2010

The Accessory - A Review

The Accessory - James G. Hutchinson (author for review)


The Accessory is a story of intrigue that explores religious extremism, and how it is used by the country's elite to further their own agenda of power and control.

Sean and Leslie Hodges are two aspiring young adults heading to the top of the charts with their indie band 'Indigo Insight'. Twelve miles south of town, a mining corporation with ties to a secret society are trying to set up shop...the teens' lives are forever changed by a bizarre discovery about their past, and the corrupt activities of the country's financial power brokers.

My Thoughts:

This actually turned out to be a very intriguing book. I wasn't sure at first how I would like it or how it would play out. Most of the characters were interesting and the story pulled me in and kept me reading. Any book that keeps me reading is a plus in my book.

I was a bit worried with the list of characters. There are quite a few and it did get a tad confusing trying to keep people and things separated but in the end they story wrapped itself up quite nicely. All in all not a bad days read.