Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

It has been a semi busy weekend for me. We had a gaming friend who came up this weekend and we all gathered at our friends house to drink, eat and have fun! We really enjoyed ourselves and finally dragged ourselves home around 2:30 in the am. I don't often pull those kind of hours anymore, dang age creeping up on me and all.

Saturday was spend just relaxing at home. For another week, my husband works on Saturdays, so I don't do much on those days. I watched a little TV, read a bit, gamed a bit and generally just did what I love to do, relax.

Today has been a great day. My husband and I aren't very traditional people and we don't normally get all mushy and celebrate valentines day. Just a card and candy and we are happy folk. This year however, we had the day to ourselves so we went and seen Valentine's Day at the theaters and then went out for a nice lunch. Valentine's Day was a cute movie and we both enjoyed it.

Oh I got a new camera this weekend. I have a Digital Rebel to begin with, but it's bulky and not very convenient when I just want to run out and take a few pictures. I love taking pictures and just wanted a decent but not expensive point and shoot that would fit in my purse. I ended up getting a Nikon L20. It takes great pictures and for under $100 it was perfect. I feel that picture happy itch starting again heh.

Anyhow I hope everyone had a nice weekend and I hope you all have a good upcoming week.


(The) Ladybug Lounge formerly Msslaydbug said...

Glad you had a great weekend. We aren't big celebrators of Valentines ourselves. My husband had talked about going to see the movie Valentines Day but our plans fell through. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Have a great week !

Ryan G said...

Well Happy Valentines Day to you and glad you and your husband has a nice day.