Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Messenger Audiobook - A Review

The Messenger - Lois Lowry - Audiobook (Library)

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: October 2006
  • Publisher: Listening Library, Inc.
  • Format: MP3 Book
  • Duration: 3 hours, 44 minutes (equivalent to 3 audio CDs)
  • File Size: 103 MB
  • ISBN-13: 9780807223741
  • ISBN: 0807223743
  • Edition Description: Unabridged


Strange changes are taking place in Village. Once a utopian community that prided itself on its welcome to new strangers, Village will soon be closed to all outsiders. As one of the few people able to travel through the dangerous Forest, Matty must deliver the message of Village’s closing and try to convince Seer’s daughter to return with him before it’s too late. But Forest has become hostile to Matty as well, and he must risk everything to fight his way through it, armed only with an emerging power he cannot yet explain or understand.

My Thoughts:

As with all the others in this set of books, I really enjoyed this one as well. Not as much as the other two but I really enjoyed seeing Matty more grown up and I loved getting to see Kira again.

This was about the village from Gathering Blue where they accepted everyone no matter what disabilities they may have. However things have changed with the introduction of gaming machines. People stopped caring about others and well in my opinion, they got greedy. It was interesting to see how this all came about. It is a strange little world Lois created and it almost feel surreal.

I would recommend this book as well as the others to anyone. They were a treat to read.


Sassy Brit said...

I really want to read this author's work - I've had a few on my list for a while, but found them hard to get hold of.

I do like stories about Utopian worlds/communities.

Wrighty said...

I really enjoyed this series too. I had never heard much about them and only read them a few years ago. Great books!

Aths said...

Sounds like a good read! I haven't read this author's previous works, but looks like I should!