Sunday, February 7, 2010

So this weekend has been a nice one. I didn't do a whole lot yesterday during the day but spent the evening at a friends house watching UFC 109 and mostly just visiting some other friends we hadn't seen in awhile, which was very nice.

Today is of course the Superbowl. We'll be watching that when it's time. Neither team is one of our teams but I love football so I have to watch the game regardless heh.

The picture to the left is what our campsite looks like today. Thankfully it seems to be fairing the winter well this year. Then again it has been a pretty dang mild winter. Our camping friends went up to camp just to get out of town and snapped this picture for us. I can't wait for camping season to start. It's just over the horizon almost in reach.

Anyway a decent weekend for the most part. We need to get our truck checked out. Darn engine light came on and we have no clue why but other than that, the weekend has been great.

I tried very hard to stay out of book stores this weekend and it just didn't work. I have another pile of books to put up on my mailbox tomorrow morning.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and I hope the poor folks snowed in over on the east coast get some relief.


Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

I, too, will be watching the ol' SuperBowl.