Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Roundup

I dang near forgot to do my weekend roundup today. It being Labor Day Weekend, I forgot it was Sunday.

We have done pretty much nothing this weekend other than going to a friends on Saturday night for food and drinks.

We had a good time visiting with everyone, but I have to admit I loved not doing much of anything at all. We've been so busy every weekend all summer long it was nice to have some down time. Fall/Winter is coming and we always spend a lot more time at home, so I feel our summer coming to an end. It was a great summer vacation but I am looking forward to the changing colors of the fall. Living where there is so much green brings such amazing fall color around here.

Well that's it for this roundup. I hope everyone had nice weekends and here's too a great week ahead.


Sheila (bookjourney) said...

Those are my favorite times - no commitment to nothing! :) We were able to do that a couple days this weekend and I actually .... napped (I know! How scary!)

It was great - read a little... ate too much... LOL

Glad to hear you had some of the same.

Wrighty said...

It sounds like the perfect weekend, the perfect end to summer. *sigh* I love summer and hate for it to end. Fall is beautiful here too in NY state and a favorite of mine, it's just so depressing to think of the very long winter to follow. I enjoy the changing seasons but one month of snow would be plenty. Relax and enjoy! :)