Sunday, September 6, 2009

Defining Twilight - A Review

Defining Twilight by Brian Leaf, M.A.

From Amazon:

Can you resist the allure of Edward’s myriad charms—his ocher eyes and tousled hair, the cadence of his speech, his chiseled alabaster skin, and his gratuitous charm? Will you hunt surreptitiously and tolerate the ceaseless deluge in Forks to evade the sun and uphold the facade? Join Edward and Bella as you learn more than 600 vocabulary words to improve your score on the *SAT, ACT®, GED®, and SSAT® exams!

Use this workbook side-by-side with your own copy of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight!

  • Each chapter of the workbook gives you eight words taken from Twilight, with page references for you to read the words in the context of your favorite novel
  • Define the words on your own before turning back to the workbook for their actual definitions
  • At the end of each section you’ll take SAT, ACT, GED, and SSAT drills and quizzes to review and integrate what you’ve learned
  • Plus, you’ll learn synonyms, Latin word parts, and memorization tools throughout the workbook
My Thoughts:

I know that there are folks that have had enough of anything Twilight, but I have to say this is an interesting concept. What a fun way to learn some new vocabulary, whether you are studying for a test or just want to learn something new. I think one can never have enough tools available to increase one's knowledge.

The book is easy to work through and understand. You can pick up the book and literally start on page one and know what you need to do, it's that simple. There are page references back to the Twilight book if you want reference points, etc.

In short I think whatever gets someone excited to learn is a good thing. If you have a Twilight fan or are one and want to pick up some more vocabulary, this is a great, fun way to do so.


Taschima Cullen said...

Actually, this sounds amazing. I need to take these tests so, May buy this one ^^

NotNessie said...

What a fun idea! I know I loved the extensive vocabulary used in the series, but it turned some people I know off, and this might be a fun way to counteract that.

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

Zia ~ I remember when I first saw this I chuckled but then I thought what a great idea. The Twilight series got people reading that normally don't read many books...why not capitalize on that :)