Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day by Day Armegeddon: Beyond Exile - Blog Tour July 15, 2010

Day by Day Armageddon: Beyond Exile - J.L. Bourne (blog tour)

Product Details

  • Pub. Date: July 2010
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
  • Format: Paperback, 277pp
  • Sales Rank: 6,825


START INTERCEPTArmies of undead have risen up across the U.S. and around the globe;there is no safe haven from the diseased corpses hungering for human flesh. But in the heat of a Texas wasteland, a small band of survivors attempt to counter the millions closing in around them.INTERCEPT COMPLETESurvivor,Day by day, the handwritten journal entries of one man caught in a worldwide cataclysm capturethe desperation—and the will to survive—as he joins forces with a handful of refugees to battlesoulless enemies both human and inhuman from inside an abandoned strategic missile facility.

But in the world of the undead, is mere survival enough?

My Thoughts:

Okay first off, I just received this book yesterday morning and have not finished it as of yet. I can say I do know for a fact that I will enjoy this one as much as I did the first one. It took a matter of seconds for me to be pulled right back into the story. The author gives you a quick refresher on what happened in the first book right at the beginning to get you going.

The second book starts off right where the first one ended. Absolutely perfect!

This series of books leave you thinking what if? What if this really happened? Would you be able to survive? How? If you did survive, how would you continue to do so? So many questions go through your head as you read.

It is written in the form of diary entries, making it quick and easy.

So I will leave you with this, if you like zombie book or post apocalyptic books, you should check this series out. I think you will really enjoy them.

Now I really must get back to reading some more of this zombie filled, fun fest of a book.

Author's Website: J.L. Bourne