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Beautiful Malice - Blog Tour July 23, 2010

Beautiful Malice - Rebecca James (Blog Tour Pump Up Your Book)

Synopsis (via B&N)

An international sensation that The Wall Street Journal called a “publishing phenomenon,” this layered, poignant, and chilling novel of psychological suspense is the year’s most stunning American fiction debut. From its wrenching opening to its shocking climax, Beautiful Malice unfolds a haunting story in which people, motives, and circumstances are never what they seem.

Who is Katherine Patterson? It is a question she hopes no one can answer. To erase her past, Katherine has moved to a new city, enrolled in a new school, and even changed her name. She’s done the next best thing to disappearing altogether. Now, wary and alone, she seeks nothing more than anonymity. What she finds instead is the last thing she expected: a friend.

Even more unlikely, Katherine’s new friend is the most popular and magnetic girl in school. Extroverted, gorgeous, flirtatious, and unpredictable, she is everything that Katherine is not and doesn’t want to be: the center of attention. Yet Alice’s enthusiasm is infectious, her candor sometimes unsettling, and Katherine, in spite of her guarded caution, finds herself drawn into Alice’s private circle.

But Alice has secrets, too—darker than anyone can begin to imagine. And when she lets her guard down at last, Katherine discovers the darkest of them all. For there will be no escaping the past for Katherine Patterson—only a descent into a trap far more sinister . . . and infinitely more seductive.

My Thoughts:

This was a quick and easy read. I was immediately drawn to the book and the characters. The books title describes one character to a tee. The story flowed easily and was interesting. A couple things seemed unrealistic but it was just a couple and it wasn't enough to dampen the story any.

Katherine is a guilt ridden teenager after the death of her sister and is trying to make a new life elsewhere away from the journalists. I felt very drawn to this character. I could see why she felt the way she did.

Robbie was probably one of my favorite characters. You know the type. The good guy that is always the "friend". I really liked him even if he was hung up on Alice.

Let's not get me started on Alice. She played her part extremely well. She's the character you just don't feel right with but at the same time, not sure whether or not your feelings are accurate. I won't go any further on the characters. I don't really like to drop too many spoilers in my reviews.

All in all, the book was good and well worth a read.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great review of Rebecca's book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I read this one over vacation and the way it all turned out is a bit creepy. Aren't you glad you don't have a friend like Alice?

Thanks again.


Irene said...

I have a sister named Alice, should I be worried. Great Review.

infertility goddess said...

The cover sold me on this book. I like your review, short and direct.

gautami tripathy said...

Interesting review!

Here is my Wednesday Book Review post!