Friday, December 25, 2009

Secret of a Christmas Box - A Review

Secrets of a Christmas Box - Steven Hornby (From publisher for review)

Product Details (from B&N)

  • Pub. Date: September 2009
  • Publisher: Ecky Thump Books, Incorporated
  • Format: Hardcover, 248pp
  • Age Range: 7 to 12

Synopsis (from B&N)

Have You Ever wondered . . .

Why every year, pine needles from the Christmas tree find their way into rooms no one has been in?

Or why, at least one of your favorite tree ornaments is found broken no matter how carefully they were packed away the year before?

And who is it that rips the small holes in the wrapped presents under the tree?

Enter the magical festive world of the Christmas 'Tree-Dwellers', as Larry, a Christmas snowman, wakes up after the long sleep in the Christmas box, to find his brother is missing.

Desperate to find him before Christmas, Larry, along with his girlfriend Debbie, a newcomer Splint, and Larry's companion Tinsel, break the laws of the 'Tree-Elders' and escape down the tree and away into the house, to look for clues.

Away from the safety of the tree and in an unfamiliar world, the Dwellers stumble upon a dark and sinister secret that threatens their entire world.

Can Larry and the group make it back to the tree in time to warn the others, and finally uncover the truth behind the 'Secrets Of A Christmas Box'?

My Thoughts:

I started this book on December 1st and have been reading one chapter a night, intending to finish up on December 24th. I actually ended up having to finish the last two chapters on the 22nd. Holiday travel was going to interrupt my schedule.

This was a cute Christmas story. I don't think I will ever look at tree lights and ornaments the same again. I will say it had more violence in it than I was expecting and some scary moments. I would be okay with older children reading it. I'm not sure if it would be too scary for younger ones.

I really loved the character Larry. You just wanted to hug him. Debbie on the other hand was a bit annoying but I'm pretty sure that was his intent. Oh and lets not forget Tinsel. He was the cutest tinsel/dog I've ever read. Okay well the only tinsel/dog I've ever read, but he was still cute. Then there was Splint. He was a great little leader.

I loved all the illustrations in the book. They helped bring the book to life. I wish more books today did that.

At the end of the day I enjoyed this book a lot and reading it one chapter a night with your kids (older, younger, I would recommend parent skim book before deciding) would be a great way to spend the month of December.


Ryan G said...

I have heard so much about this book that I'm going to have to pick it up for next year. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas.

Bluestocking said...

I reviewed this book a couple of weeks ago. I too thought I might be a little scary for smaller children. C

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Good review - you picked up on the same things I did. Enjoyable read but I can see where a young child could find the broken ornaments like a death and scary.