Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Roundup

This weekend went pretty much like I anticipated it would. Other than having to drive one of my kids somewhere and pick him up this morning, my days have been spent at home just relaxing. This is exactly what I wanted to do this weekend. I read, watched TV, and generally just tried to relax. It's funny when I was younger I never watched many sports but now I love football, bull riding, MMA fights and spend my weekends having them going on the TV while I read and watch.

The above picture is another cave picture. This time it's the entrance to the caves. Doesn't really give you the real picture of what you're in for once you enter. Just looks like a hole in the ground really, not the entrance to something truly amazing.

I finished one book last week and I'm currently reading one for a blog tour on this Tuesday. I always get my books so close to the tour date, I really have to scramble to get them read in time. Thankfully this one is pretty dang good and it's easy to read.

Well that's all for now. I hope everyone had good weekends and here's good vibes for the upcoming week.


Anonymous said...

So are you the type that pokes her head in the hole to get a better view? If so, I'm the type of person who stands a few yards behind the person who sticks their head in. I just know a bear is in

Zia said...

J.Kaye - LOL sometimes I'd be the one that pokes my head in. Most the time I'm hovering behind with you.

Anonymous said...

"Most the time I'm hovering behind with you."

LOLOL! I want to know what's in the cave, but I'm never brave enough to find out.

Zia said...

J.Kaye- If I didn't know ahead of time what was in there, I would've never gone in lol

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Great picture! I love exploring! :)