Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Well this week has been fairly uneventful, normal week for me. My youngest child is out of school now and next year will be entering the world of Middle School. Boy do I feel old!

We had some wicked thunderstorms Friday night/early Saturday. Woke me up about 1 am shaking the whole house and the noise was amazing. Then you add all the hail that was pelting the windows. Needless to say we didn't sleep much that night.

Saturday we did some deep cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom. Man they needed it bad. Once you get my honey going the man can clean! He did the kitchen while I cleaned the bathroom. Today I'm working on the dog blankets that reek like dogs. Trying desperately to get rid of the smell. Those that don't smell clean when I finish, will be thrown out. Tired of the stench.

I'm planning on going to a local park today to take a nice afternoon walk with my oldest child. It's been a year or so since we've gone there and I've heard they have done a lot of paving and building an amphitheater there. I want to go see how it looks now.