Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Roundup

So Thursday we had this wicked thunderstorm here in Oregon. Not totally out of the ordinary but rare indeed. We were actually under a tornado warning for about 45 min at one point. There were even a couple funnel clouds floating around, thankfully none of them produced anything other than thunder and lightning oh and a good amount of wind. Anyhow I was really worried our camp would be messed up really bad. We planned on going up for the weekend anyhow.

So Friday night I went up to get a few last minute items and ended up having a display of 2 liters stacked 4 high fall on my back and backside of my legs and ankles. It was not a pleasant feeling at all and I have a bruised ankle and a gnarly bruise on the back of my other calf. I'm fine just bruised from the whole ordeal. By this time I'm a neurotic mess and really afraid of what we'll find once we get to camp. My honey gets home and we take off to camp. What comes next was a surprise to all even my honey I think.

We got to camp and it seemed as if the storm didn't even hit the area, and we know it did. Nothing was amiss at all and even our tarp was still in place. We both thought for sure that would have been torn down in all the wind that went on. It was awesome!

So we had a relaxing night by the fire and I got some pictures taken by the lantern light. I got a couple really nice one including the mushroom in my post and one of a moth that decided my book was a good resting spot. Oddly enough it blended in well with the cover.

Saturday we had to run back to town to grab a few things I forgot in my stress induced state and check on the animals at home. Camp is only 30 min from home so running home on occasion is no real big deal. We spend the day up at camp with our friends up there and came home first thing this morning.

Today I went on my weekly walk with friends. That's always my highlight for Sunday's. I really enjoy the time I get to spend with them and the walk makes me feel good. The rest of the day I plan on catching up on blogs and laundry, mostly just relaxing before I start my work week tomorrow.