Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mailbox Monday & What Are You Reading

Mailbox Monday was originally hosted by Marcia at the Printed page but now it is a traveling meme. This month it is being hosted by Alyce at At Home With Books.

I bought one book last week:

It's Monday. What are you reading this week? Hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through A World of Books. This is a meme to list the books completed last week, the books currently being read, and the books to be finished this week.

Books I finished in the last week:

11 22 63 by Stephen King

Books I am reading this week:

Silver Tongued Devil - Jaye Wells
Harbor - John Ajvide Lindqvist
Romeo & Juliet - William Shakespeare (work in progress)

Books to Finish This week:
Silver Tongued Devil - Jaye Wells
Harbor John Ajvide Lindqvist


Mystica said...

Have a good week!

Irene said...

Sounds like you have a good week ahead of you.

Lydia said...

That Shakespeare is some heavy stuff, we just read Othello last semester and it took a good week for me to finally get through it and process it.

Esme said...

Good for you reading Shakespeare.

pussreboots said...

Happy New Year! My post reflects two weeks of reading. Please come see what I'm reading now.

Enjoy your books.

Karen said...

Did you like the new Stephen King? It's the first new book by him that I have been excited about in a while but I have been reluctant to get it as I was so disappointed with The Dome. I studied Romeo and Juliet in school and it was one of my favourites then.

Kaye said...

Nice diversity in reading. Have a wonderful week and happy reading. My MM is here

The Brunette Librarian said...

How's the Stephen King book going? I've heard its good, but haven't had a chance to pick it up. :)

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

I really liked 11/22/63 - another huge tome like Under the Dome, but completely different and a really good read as well!

I'm going to be reading A Midsummer Night's Dream for the 2012 Back to the Classics Challenge - Shakespeare is so blah to read on the printed page, but I figured this one was "light" enough for me to get through without throwing it aside in frustration! (It was a tossup between that and Romeo and Juliet) :)

Enjoy your reading week!

Alyce said...

I'm looking forward to reading the Stephen King book soon (or at least attempting it). I've never finished one of his books before because they freak me out.

Tribute Books Mama said...

Enjoy! your books this week.

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I am not a Stephen King fan but his last book sure seems to be calling my name. I can't wait to see what you thought of it.

Wrighty said...

Your book looks so good! I have the first in the series but haven't read it yet. Hope you enjoy!

I've always liked Stephen King but haven't read the last 2 or 3. I'm so far behind on all of my reading! Have a great week. :)

Megan said...

Hope you have a wonderful week of reading!

Here's my post