Monday, August 15, 2011

I have been a bad blogger this summer

So much stuff has been going on. I spent the better part of the summer going from one job that was being eliminated to a temp summer job where my husband works. Then on every weekend, we were doing family stuff with my oldest child, Andy, who was prepping to leave for Naval Boot Camp on August 8, 2011. So we were going on day trips to like Crater Lake, Mt St. Helens, we drove him to Idaho to see his dad before he left. My reading time was beginning to suffer but I was doing more important stuff.

This went through July. Then August came and it was getting closer and closer to the time Andy was leaving. I had also been offered a FT permanent position with a company I had applied and a job I was hoping to get. I accepted of course and I started 5 weeks of training on August 8th.

Fast forward one week to August 7th, My birthday and getting older sucks lol. Then comes August 8th. I started my new job. My son left for Portland to MEPS. I got to at least go up and say goodbye to him but Tuesday came all too quick and he was off to Chicago to start his new life and my house feels half empty with one of my two children grown and gone. I'm handling him being gone fine but the not being able to call him is driving me nuts.

So this is my summer and my half hearted excuse for my bad, bad blogging habits. I'm hoping as I settle into my job, that my reading will pick up and I'll get back going on blogging again.

So bear with me folks, I'm not gone just overloaded with stuff.


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Hey! Life happens. And sounds like a lot happening at once. We are still here, or I'm still here. :) Hope all irons out for you soon. But hope you are enjoying your new job. And glad you are handling with the kid gone, very well. :) Take care!

Marce said...

Happy Belated. We will be here on the other side of busy life :-)

Ryan said...

Sometimes we just have to let life take over. Hopefully things will settle down for you.

And Happy Belated Birthday!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

Sometimes life just takes precedence; I think it has happened to any of us who've been blogging for any length of time. Perfectly understandable, and I'm feeling your pain about your son, since I just took my youngest daughter off to college last Thursday ... I'm happy for her to begin her grown-up adventure, but she's still my baby, and I miss her.