Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Domestic Violets - TLC Blog Tour August 30, 2011

Domestic Violets - Matthew Norman (TLC Book Tour)


Tom Violet always thought that by the time he turned thirty-five, he’d have everything going for him. Fame. Fortune. A beautiful wife. A satisfying career as a successful novelist. A happy dog to greet him at the end of the day.

The reality, though, is far different. He’s got a wife, but their problems are bigger than he can even imagine. And he’s written a novel, but the manuscript he’s slaved over for years is currently hidden in his desk drawer while his father, an actual famous writer, just won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. His career, such that it is, involves mind-numbing corporate buzzwords, his pretentious archnemesis Gregory, and a hopeless, completely inappropriate crush on his favorite coworker. Oh . . . and his dog, according to the vet, is suffering from acute anxiety.

Tom’s life is crushing his soul, but he’s decided to do something about it. (Really.)Domestic Violets is the brilliant and beguiling story of a man finally taking control of his own happiness—even if it means making a complete idiot of himself along the way.

My Thoughts:

I can honestly say this book surprised the heck out of me. When

I picked it up I almost expected it to be a dry read for me. Boy was I wrong. I found this book to be funny, charming, and full of heart.

Tom is a character that is hard not to like. He's full of wit and sarcastic jokes, which he uses to cover up insecurity. I loved watching his character evolve through out the story.

As for the other characters, they were just as well written. His wife was easy to relate too. His daughter was wise and cute beyond her years. Curtis is a character you want to dislike but no matter how hard you try, it's impossible not to love him. Heck I even like the neurotic dog Hank.

Author's Website: Matthew Norman

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Zia said...

Boo I don't know whats up with Bloggers formatting lately. No clue why one of my paragraphs is highlighted...

Anonymous said...

"I even like the neurotic dog Hank" - HA! This sounds like a book I'd really love.

So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for being a part of the tour.