Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Booking Through Thursday

Do you multi-task when you read? Do other things like stirring things on the stove, brushing your teeth, watching television, knitting, walking, et cetera?

Or is it just me, and you sit and do nothing but focus on what you’re reading?

(Or, if you do both, why, when, and which do you prefer?)

I used to be able to watch TV and read at the same time and not miss a beat. It's a bit harder these days. I find I get distracted too easily. Either by the TV or by the book. Other than that, I find I can't read and do other things. Would be nice if I could. I could start making a bigger dent in my TBR pile.

What about you? Can you multi-task while reading?


LM Preston said...

Oh yes, I tweet, fb, watch tv, and help kids with homework.

aLmYbNeNr said...

I do that as well. It doesn't always distract me, but sometimes it does, like last night. I had Law & Order SVU on in the background and I was reading, but the show got interesting, so I kept looking up to watch and then making myself go back to reading. I had a hard time LOL!

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gautami tripathy said...

I can't do anything except listen to music when I am reading! I gotta turn to Audio books! Only way to keep up with reading!

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Paula said...

I can read everywhere and can be noisy. My daughters do not let it be otherwise.
Sorry for my English :)
Have a nice day.

randomizeme said...

Yeah, I've noticed that too - I'm more easily distracted nowadays... I used to be able to do a million things while reading!

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dragonflyy419 said...

I find I can do some things while reading, but then I feel like I'm missing out on what I've read.

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Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Sounds familiar...things that I used to do, but can't do anymore...need to focus!


Lisa said...

Oh I hope mine does not change. I like to be able to multitask. Here is my answer

Tribute Books Mama said...

Mostly, I like a quiet place to read.

Sally said...

Even with multi-tasking my tbr pile would still be huge!

Ellie said...

I read best when all is quiet!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I like to read and cook. ;D Well, I'm not much of a cooker, but I do like to stir and read. lol

But I really like to try to focus on my book as I've been known to get lost in the worlds and forget about what I'm doing. lol.

Great idea to chat on!