Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mailbox Monday & What Are You Reading

This is a weekly meme hosted by Knitting and Sundries. Join the fun and post what you got in your mailbox last week!

Only one this week.

1) 187 When Courts Fail - Wade Halverson (Author for review)

It's Monday What are you reading this week? Hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through A World of Books. This is a meme to list the books completed last week, the books currently being read, and the books to be finished this week.

Books I finished last week:

Sadly none. Last week was the week from hell. I'm days behind on blog reading to. I hope next week things will settle down to a workable level.

Books I am reading this week:

Rise Again - Ben Tripp
Once in a Full Moon - Ellen Schreiber

Books to finish this week:

Rise Again - Ben Tripp
hopefully one more as well.


Marce said...

Sometimes we have weeks like that Zia.

Hope you don't get overwelmed and enjoy what you do read.

Mary said...

I hope this week will be a bit easier for you!

jewelknits said...

Some weeks are like that .. I know that there have been weeks where I was totally caught by surprise by not getting any of my reading done! Enjoy the new read!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

Jennifer said...

I am sorry you had a difficult week. Hopefully this one will be much kinder. Happy reading. My Monday:

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Hang in there.... anytime now I expect where you will go to link on to the Monday post and there will be pictures of crickets.... nada... not a book read. I mean I have to crash sometime right? :)

I am glad you posted anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

Sometime you just have to mark all the Blogs read. It kind of takes a weight off ... not having to look at all those unread posts. Then if you feel you have time you can go back and skim for the really important ones. Hope this week looks up.

RAnn said...

Hope you have a better week!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your reading this week! Good luck.

BookJunkieMom said...

Rise Again is on my tbr. It sounds really good. Good luck!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Yes, Zia, those days are coming for me, too. I can feel it!

Once in a Full Moon sounds intriguing...hope you like it.

Here's my Monday:

Alayne said...

187 look interesting. Hope you enjoy it! My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

Irene said...

I'm always so amazed by the choices of books I find in this meme. You got some good reading ahead of you. But, I'm equally amazed at the speed people read. What a luxury.

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

We all have weeks like that. It'll get better. Hang in there. Mark the blogs as read and start fresh. Hope you have a better week!

Tribute Books Mama said...

I am reading Trophy Bride

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Hope you have a better week this week. :) And enjoy all your books. I'm hoping to try to pick up on blog reading again, and maybe get moving on some books. I'm hoping to get a weekend I can stow away somewhere in a corner and just read. But, we'll see if it happens. Hope you get a chance to do that as well. :)