Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Roundup

So I've felt nothing shy of lazy this weekend. I haven't wanted to do much of anything. I think the activities of the past few weeks are catching up with me or maybe the cold, wet weather. I just feel like hibernating at home.

Other than going to the grocery store yesterday I stayed home the whole day. I made Salsa Chicken, a favorite in my house with everyone.

I think we are taking our youngest to Borders to spend her Christmas gift cards today. I have a couple also but I've been disappointed in our local large store. They haven't carried a single book I've looked for in the last few weeks and I always get well we don't have it ordered, but we'll get some we just don't know when. Drives me nuts. These are new release books also like Fallen, Hate List and a few other fairly popular titles. I'm just surprised how a large bookstore could not have them in stock or at least have them ordered. Okay I'm done ranting now lol.

I went back to the gym full time last week. Well full time for me which is 3 days. I spent the whole week sore and tired, but now that the week is done, next week should be better and maybe I will have more energy now that I've gotten moving again.

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and here's some good vibes for the week ahead!