Monday, February 18, 2013

Forbidden Sister - A Review

Forbidden Sister - V.C. Andrews (publisher)


I had every reason to hate her, my forbidden sister. She was like someone who had died but wouldn’t stay buried. . . .
Emmie Wilcox was only six when her older sister, Roxy, was thrown out of their New York City apartment. Their stern father’s military-style rules left no room for rebellion, and Roxy was as defiant as Emmie—now an outstanding student at a private school—is compliant: a perfect daughter, un fille parfaite, as her Parisian-born mother lovingly calls her. Two sisters, total opposites—yet Emmie is secretly obsessed with the mystery surrounding Roxy: What had she done? Where is she now? And is there a hidden side to Emmie that resembles Roxy’s spiteful nature? Knowing only that Roxy is a highly paid escort to the city’s wealthiest men, Emmie goes behind her father’s back to track down the sister she fears, despises, and inexplicably clings to . . . and whose influence might run deeper than Emmie ever imagined.
My Thoughts:
It has been years since I've read a V.C. Andrews book and I forgot how much I enjoyed them. I was able to quickly get into the story line and found most of the characters enjoyable.
Emmie has got definite growing pains going on and at times I felt she needed to have some sense knocked into her. Her parents, while main characters, really didn't affect me either way. Roxy is intriguing and I would have loved to see more into her and Ms. Brittney's arrangement. How she got to be where she was, etc. Maybe in book 2. My favorite character was their Uncle Alian from France. I just loved him and I hope we get to see more of him as well and learn more about Emmie's time in France.
To put it succiently, I enjoyed the book and look forward to book 2.


Irene said...

I haven't read V.C. for ages either, didn't see anything new from her for such a long time. Enjoy.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Hey! Hope you are well, and glad to see you enjoyed the book. I've not ever read this author, but many have said amazing things about the books. :) Take care!

Mystica said...

I haven't also read her for ages but this sounds a disturbing book (like all her books!!)