Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Roundup

It's been a fairly uneventful week in these parts.

One of my dogs has a back problem and he's been hurting this week, so we've taken to keeping him comfy. He's doing better than the last time when he actually hurt his back so I think with a lot of rest he'll be back to himself in a couple weeks. Hate to see him all sad looking though.

On Friday I took my youngest to the library and ended up with some good stuff myself. Mostly audio books. Guess I need to get busy on Contagious and get it finished up. I just haven't had the time to just sit and listen which is the only way I can listen to audio books. If I start getting up and doing stuff, I lose parts of the story and that irks me. Some audio books take me a month to finished especially if I'm super busy.

Saturday we went over to a friends house for dinner and to watch the UFC fight on pay per view. I had never seen an UFC fight before and I must admit it was fairly enjoyable to watch. The main event was short lived but exciting and I enjoyed most of all the other fights they had.

Today, after a 4 week hiatus, I am finally getting to go walking again with friends. The last month has just been so busy for folks, it's been hard to get together on Sunday's. So glad we finally get to again today. Here's hoping we can get back on a weekly schedule again.

Well that pretty much sums up what's happening in my life these days.